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How Jennifer Beall Saxton Leveraged Every Resource Available To Her To Launch Her Business

When faced with obstacles, Jennifer Beall Saxton used hustle and hard work to get Tot Squad off the ground. Read More.


Baby Grime Fighters To The Rescue

On The Dot Woman offers its daily dose of inspiration about women in business and profiles Jennifer Beall Saxton's grime fighting business. Read More.


Zero Cost Marketing Through Partnerships

Tot Squad Founder and CEO Jennifer Saxton opines on the power of partnership and grassroots marketing and how to harness it. Read More.

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As Strollers Roll Through New York City Grit and Muck, an Industry Is Born

In a city where strollers sometimes become "homes on wheels" for children on the go, a fledging stroller-cleaning industry is emerging to deal with the mess. Read More.


Stroller Cleaning Services Keeping Kids' Rides Ready For City Streets

WABC-TV New York highlights Tot Squad's stroller cleaning services - a timely solution amid parents' increasing investment in costly baby gear. Watch the video.


3 Secrets of Visionary Leaders

Jennifer Beall Saxton is profiled by IFA as a "vision setter" - a closer of big deals and an active engager of supplier relationships. Read More.


Guess What Franchise Concept Is Red Hot

Tot Squad and other personalized franchise concepts are the newest trend. Read More.

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Shocking Thing You Didn't Know About Car Seats

Tot Squad Founder and CEO Jennifer Beall Saxton appears on The Doctors to discuss car seat safety. Watch the clip.

GUNKqBSu.jpg Video Series: Portable Booster Seat Options

In a collaboration with parenting resource, we have created a series of car seat safety videos. Watch Video.


Buying A Franchise

Jennifer Saxton talks to We Rock Your Web about what to consider when thinking about buying a franchise. Read More.


Child Passenger Safety Tips

Los Angeles CBS News contributor Jill Simonian talks about Tot Squad services during a segment on National Car Seat Safety Month. Read More.


Tot Squad: A NextGen in Franchising Winner

Jennifer Saxton discusses how winning the NextGen in Franchising Global Competition in 2015 has propelled her business, as the competition opens for 2016.. Read More


Passion For Poop -- SoFi Ad by Pop up Magazine

See Jennifer Beall Saxton get animated (literally) and talk about her passion for poop. Watch the video.


The Savvy Companies Catering to a Boom Market: Kids

Tot Squad also talks about saving parents time. The brand, which just opened to franchising, is like a full-service transportation helper: It installs car seats, plus repairs and cleans the seats and strollers. Read More


How To Become An Investor For Women In Tech

Insight and guidance from Dr. Silvia Mah on how to become an investor of woman-owned startups, like Tot Squad. Read More.


For Strollers And Car Seats In Need Of Cleaning...

In honor of the first-ever LA Baby Show coming up on November 5-6...Read More.


If Tech Is Hot, Is Everything Else Not?

Jennifer Beall Saxton writes about being a founder of a non-tech franchise startup - a double anomaly among her peers. Read More.


Car Seat Safety Tips From Tot Squad's Jennifer Beall

Tot Squad Founder & CEO Jennifer Saxton shares her top tips on car seat safety with SafeSmartLiving. Read More.

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With A Lack Of Available Funding For Young Franchise Ideas...

1851 Franchise shares how emerging brands in franchise struggle, but how Jennifer Saxton defied the odds. Read More.


Baby Stroller Cleaning & Repair Services: Bringing Buggies Back To New

The Wall Street Journal tests Tot Squad and other services that aim to deal with the wear and tear of strollers. Read More


Tot Squad Comes to the Rescue of Busy Parents and Caregivers interviews CEO and Founder Jennifer Beall about the Tot Squad franchise concept, growth outlook and trends in franchising. Read more.


A Grown Up Vehicle That Serves Kids' Transportation Needs

Tot Squad featured in Inc. Magazine & Nissan's Partner Insights profile. Read more and see the video clip.


Celebrity Baby Registry

Bachelor Nation star Erica Rose got help from friend Jennifer Beall Saxton of Tot Squad to pick out her baby registry. Read More.

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Bringing Baby Home

Tot Squad Founder and CEO Jennifer Beall Saxton provides car seat safety tips to know before you bring your newborn home from the hospital. Read More.


These Are The States Where Women Earn The Most Money

A new study analyzes the best and worst states for women and other challenges for working women. Read More.


Young Ones To Watch: Jennifer Beall Saxton

Jennifer Beall Saxton's dream of providing the care, safety and installation of baby gear for busy parents continues to help families in need. Read More.


NYC's Best Resources For Expecting and New Moms

A starter kit in the world of NYC parenting from the experts at Red Tricycle. Read More.


6 Franchisors Under 35 That You Need To Know

This group of talented entrepreneurs topped 1851 Franchise's list of young franchisors to look out for in 2016. Read More.


Tot Squad Reaches Semi-Finals of InnovateHER Challenge

Tot Squad made the national semi-finals of the U.S. Small Business Administration's 2016 InnovateHER: Innovating For Women Business Summit and Challenge. Read More.


How Jen's Attacking Her $75,000 Student Loan Debt

How Tot Squad CEO Jennifer Beall Saxton attacked her student loan, thanks in part to the SoFi Entrepreneur Program. Listen to the podcast.


7 Millennial Entrepreneurs Undeterred By Student Debt

Seven success stories of millennials who have launched big businesses, despite their student loans...Read More.

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How 6 Hotshots Aim To Change The World

A look at six young franchise entrepreneurs that are changing the global face of the franchising industry...Read More.


Tot Squad Will Help Install Your Baby Gear

Tot Squad's aims to help busy parents with the dirty work and tough jobs. This unique franchise model is poised to grow nationally. Read More.


7 Millennial Entrepreneurs Undeterred by Student Debt

Tot Squad CEO and Founder Jennifer Beall is featured as a success story of millennial entrepreneurs overcoming debt ...Read More.


New Hope for Young Entrepreneurs Strangled by Student Debt

How programs like SoFi's Entrepreneurship Program has helped launch and grow emerging small businesses like Tot Squad...Read More.


Stroller Cleaning How-To's

Tot Squad offers tips and tricks on how to clean strollers on the Hallmark Channel's Home and Family show. See the clip.


Don't Let Student Debt Hogtie Your Business

Tot Squad's Jennifer Beall talks about creative solutions to funding a new business, even with student debt. Read More.

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This Week in Torrance, Torrance CitiCABLE

Torrance CitiCABLE interviews CEO and Founder Jennifer Beall at the Torrance buybuy Baby about how Tot Squad comes to the rescue of busy moms. See the clip.


Tot Squad Announces Franchise Opportunities Available


2015's Best And Worst States For Women

Tot Squad Founder and CEO Jennifer Beall is interviewed about issues facing women today and supporting women-owned businesses. Read More.


Jennifer Beall Named 2nd Grand Prize Winner in Young Entrepreneurs in Franchising Global Contest

Read More. See all contest winners here.


More Options To Refinance Your Student Loans

Tot Squad Founder and CEO Jennifer Beall on creative funding for entrepreneurs. Read More


CleanBeeBaby Rebrands To Tot Squad


SoFi Announces CleanBeeBaby Awarded "Startup of the Year"


CleanBeeBaby Featured on MSNBC's Your Business


ABC Kids Expo 2014 Top News


Alternative Funding From SXSW V2V: The Path Less Traveled


SUCCESS Entrepreneur Contest Winner Shares Tips for Being a Panelist


Startup Stories: Lessons From the SoFi Startup of the Year


Clean Bee Baby founder and CEO Jennifer Beall joined panel members at the SXSW V2V

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Let it ride: SXSW V2V plugs along in second Vegas year


Germ Rage


16 Surprising Statistics About Small Businesses

Read more

60 second video clip featuring CleanBeeBaby:

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Super Hero Spotlight Finalist

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KOST 103.5 FM Chats with CleanBeeBaby at TheMomFair LA 2013


Why Entrepreneurs Need an MBA


Start me up: Jennifer Beall '10


Young Female Entrepreneurs

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How Three Businesses Broke into the Mommy Market

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CleanBeeBaby gives back to the community


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Car Seat

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Rosie Pope & CleanBeeBaby at New York Family Magazine Baby Show


Give your child's stroller or car seat a miraculous makeover with CleanBeeBaby

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Balance and a business opportunity for busy moms

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 11.04.22 AM.png

An aspiring entrepreneur hopes business ownership will help her balance work, family

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How to Spot an Entrepreneur

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CleanBeeBaby Tip!

On the blogs


What I Learned At The IFA Conference ›

Square Root blogger Eric Hansen examines the franchising entrepreneurial engine and meets Jennifer Beall Saxton of Tot Squad. Read More.


Bundle Organics Blog ›

Interview with founder and CEO of CleanBeeBaby, Jennifer Beall

My name is Jennifer Beall and I am the Founder & CEO of CleanBeeBaby, an eco-friendly cleaning service for strollers and car seats that partners a different neighborhood retailer or preschool every day. I created CleanBeeBaby to...


The Fab Mom ›

A real fab mom figures out what resource she wishes she had when she was pregnant, invents it, and then makes it available for up-and-coming new moms...To read more, click here.


Buck Inspire ›

Clean Bee Baby Review

Four months with Baby Buck, we are up to our eyeballs in baby formula, gear, diapers, and wipes. However, one thing we always neglect is the baby stroller. Over time it gets quite dirty and we’re putting our precious little guy in that? Never fear, Clean Bee Baby is here! To read more, click here.


Club MomMe ›

CleanBeeBaby - The Place to Go in LA for a Stroller and Car Seat Cleaning!

Remember when you were pregnant and you spent hours researching stroller features, debating for hours with your spouse about which brand to buy and which color was your favorite? Gosh, we had a lot more time before our little ones got here! To read more,...


Elizabeth St. ›

Eco-Cleaning: Clean Bee Baby Launches in Manhattan

Probably one of the most unpleasant aspects of parenthood is cleaning up all the muck and yuck your kids leave behind. And when your child is particularly slobbery, or gets carsick all the time, the cleanup sessions get even worse. Luckily for New York moms, there’s a new eco-friendly cleaning service in town, and it will do the dirty work for you.

Clean Bee Baby, which was...


Kids are from Pluto ›

As you all know, I am a big fan of CleanBeeBaby! I love how their an eco-friendly cleaning service…on WHEELS! If you have a car seat or stroller that needs some cleaning… here to read more


Mommy Poppins ›

CleanBeeBaby Car Seat Cleaning and Giveaway

This week's giveaway from CleanBeeBaby is a no-brainer. We all have car seats and strollers. They all face daily assaults from the toddler arsenal. (Cheerios. Goldfish. Raisins. Sand. …Not to mention an array of bodily fluids). They need to be cleaned. To read more, click here.


Daily Candy ›

A Clean Slate: CleanBeeBaby Cleaning Service

January 9, 2012

You could fill a cereal bowl with the Cheerios lurking in your car (but you shouldn’t).

If the ordeal of cleaning your mobile mess has taken a backseat, it’s time for an ecofriendly cleanse from CleanBeeBaby.

Founder Jennifer Beall created the convenient comes-to-you service to clean up “mold cocktails,” otherwise known as car seats and strollers. The process...


LA Moms Dig ›

LA Moms Dig recently listed us a favorite gift idea! Read an exerpt below or click here for more! "I found the perfect gift to give my mom friends- a Clean Bee Baby Gift Certificate! The prices vary from a $19.99 cleaning for a basic carseat to $79.99 for a deluxe cleaning on strollers. In my opinion the $39.99 cleaning is just right!”


Macaroni Kid Santa Monica ›

Exerpted from Macaroni Kid: Santa Monica

"For the Mom with a New Baby - Whether she is a first time mom or a seasoned pro, I think all moms with a baby will appreciate and really get great use out of these gifts:

Clean Bee Baby Giftcard- Clean Bee Baby is an Eco-friendly mobile cleaning service that can help quickly and safely get baby gear back...


Macaroni Kid Burbank ›

Got a Macaroni Mess? CleanBeeBaby Can Help!

Muddy stroller? Throw-up in the car seat? Or want that hand-me-down to look like new? Not to worry,CleanBeeBaby is the ultimate cleaning service for those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, and their unique mobile service is now in our neck of the woods! CleanBeeBaby's eco-friendly cleaning service for baby car...


MomAngeles ›

If spring cleaning is on your mind, Clean Bee Baby will make your life easier by cleaning two of the dirtiest spots in your life — your child’s car seat and stroller. An LA-based company, Clean Bee Baby is a mobile cleaning service specifically for car sears and strollers. The company partners with retailers, so while you are inside shopping your child’s messes are getting cleaned. To read more,...