Preschool Events

We love a good party and Tot Squad is excited to support the community with our fundraising program.

Let us host a cleaning day at your school and 10% of the proceeds will be donated back to the school – and the organizer receives a free cleaning of a car seat or stroller! Best of all, there is no mess or waste – we need approximately a 10 x 10’ space, access to an electrical outlet and a sink. We also accept used items for donation to our charity partners.

For silent auction donations, we are happy to donate to preschools that have previously done an event with us.

Here is how to schedule a fundraiser:


Email with your preferred date, time and location (please allow 6 weeks notice). We require only a 10X10 space and access to electricity to do our cleaning.


Tot Squad can accept appointments up to two weeks ahead of time. The more items we clean, the more money we donate back to your organization.


On the day of the event, parents drop off their car seats and strollers and they will be given an appointed pick-up time.


Our team gets to work.


Pick up time. Parents pick up and pay for their items.


Clean up. We’ll leave the space as neat and tidy as we found it.